Water colors

Tamika Rivera 




Tamika Rivera

"I never sat next to so much power. The women and I shared a communal taxi up to Etla,up in the mountains of   Oaxaca Mexico. Her gentle smile ,stoic force I was sitting next to earth mothers child. humbled she mirrored back that  I was her child too."

Manta De las madres 2017

The serape, poncho is an iconic symbol of Mexico.A piece of hand woven labor of love was traditionally worn by men an made by women. The times have changed and it is more likely to see a women wearing this garment in the world today. 

Tamika Rivera connected this symbol  to resist the discrimination against women, immigrants,stereo type  Latinos in america and to unite the discrimination of Latinos amongst each other in there own community. She wore the poncho at the Women's march in NYC and created Manta De Las Madre ,Mother's Blanket , a sculpture in honor of the strength and power of unity within all communities and the overwhelming need for protection, the power in we are all earth mothers children.