Tamika Rivera

Fiber  Art

sculpture   2014-2016

"Introduced to Gahaya Links by a pioneer of the fashion industry, Tamika was inspired to design pieces for the organization that helps to rehabilitate women of Rwanda who have survived war. Gahaya Links assists women with traditional weaving skills to manufacture and sell their own goods. Co-founder Janet Nkubana’s goal was to heal and empower the women of Rwanda and promote the country’s socioeconomic development. The cooperative began with six women weaving baskets under a tree and has grown to helping over 3,000 women today" http://www.pulplab.com/light-luck-and-love/

 Tamika Rivera for Engineered Garments- 2015-necklace available through Engineered Garments

Artifacts: Taino 

Thank you to Linda Trau and Gahaya links 

Oaxaca  artist residency 2016

​artifacts :mexico

​"Kirwa" a  bracelet for change with Gahaya links 

"You deserve to live here" Venice beach art in residence /collaboration  

 Cuyo by tamika Rivera and woods,Paige martin ,Venice Beach residency  2014-2015